François Robida

François Robida

François Robida is the Deputy Head of Division, Information Systems and Technologies Division. Mining engineer and geostatistician, and has 25 years of experience in computer science applications to earth sciences with BRGM (French Geological Survey). Following his first work in mining geostatistics, he has been in charge of the design and development of software and programs related to all aspects of geology, and especially to 3D modelling. He was then been responsible for the BRGM software group, a team co-ordinating the development and marketing of software developed by BRGM. In his current position, he is in charge of the R&D and of the European projects in the domain of Information Systems for BRGM.

As "Terre Virtuelle" project leader (Terre Virtuelle / Virtual Earth is a BRGM R&D corporate project to support the development of new services through the use of new technologies), François has been promoting and has introduced interoperability, Grid and Virtual Reality technologies within our national geological survey. Involved as an actor of the development of interoperability at different levels, he is a member of the European Expert Group for Inspire (the initiative of the European Commission to develop European Spatial Data Infrastructure), where he represents the European geological surveys association (EuroGeosurveys). As representative of BRGM in OGC (OpenGIS consortium), he is also a member of the OGCEurope advisory board, and member of ADAE-CNIG (French counsel for geographic information) working group for geospatial interoperability. BRGM is committed to support the IUGS/CGI initiative, and he is acting today as interim co-ordinator of the Data Model Testbed Task Group (DMTEST).

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François Robida
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