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CGI's mission is to foster the interoperability and exchange of geoscience information, by active community leadership, collaboration, education, and the development and promotion of geoscience information standards and best practice.

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Current Working Groups

GeoSciML - a collaborative OGC-CGI standards working group developing a geological data transfer standard -

EarthResourceML - developing a data transfer standard for mineral resources and mining information -

Geoscience Terminology - developing multilingual vocabularies for geoscience and earth resources information -

Geoscience Information in Africa (GIRAF) – a collaborative network of African and global geoinformatics professionals working together to enable geoscience information to contribute to the environmental and economic prosperity of the people of Africa.

35th International Geological Congress

A successful "Geoscience Data & Information Systems" symposium was held at the 35th IGC in Cape Town. Over 40 presentations were given on a wide range of digital geological data management, data analysis, and data delivery topics.

More than 20 people attended the CGI workshop on geoscience web services. Presentations were given by the leaders of all the CGI/OGC working groups, and experts from the OneGeology and INSPIRE projects.

CGI council members

The CGI Council held its annual meeting in Cape Town. Two new members joined the Council, and Kristine Asch retired as CGI Secretary-General to take up a position as a Vice President of IUGS. Zhang Minghua (China) and Kombada Mhopjeni (Namibia) now share the role of CGI Secretary-General.


GeoSciML logo

The GeoSciML data transfer standard was recently accepted by a unanimous vote of the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) Technical Committee. This significant milestone cements GeoSciML’s place as an international geological data transfer standard.

Dr Stephen Richard

Dr Stephen Richard, recently of the Arizona Geological Survey and now at Columbia University, was awarded the 2016 IUGS Science Excellence Award in Geoscience Information at the 35th International Geological Congress.

Meeting at the China Geological Survey

Ollie Raymond, chair of the GeoSciML Standards Working Group, and Kristine Asch recently visited the China Geological Survey (CGS) in Beijing to present a series of talks on geoscience information standards. The presentations were attended by 30 staff from the Beijing and provincial offices of the CGS.